Tiny A-Frame Project

I’m obsessed with a-frame cabins and the cozy, forested visions they conjure up–a perfect picture of solitude and proximity to nature. After browsing for inspiration, I picked the one below as a favorite and a template for my papier-mache home decor project.

A frame cabin, thatched roof, cute cottage

This one is cute enough to be the setting of a fairy tale!

Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for interesting objects for my home, and since I dislike buying things like that new and haven’t scored any excellent vintage recently, making my own object of interest seems like a good solution . . . as long as it turns out well!

I’ve decided to make a tiny, A-frame house fit for a gnome. Although it’s not a medium I usually use, I’ve chosen to use papier mache so I can hopefully achieve an earthy, thatched texture for the roof as well as grass and a little mushroom to create a storybook sense of scale.

I decided to use lightweight styrofoam sheets, masking tape, and low-temperature hot glue to create the underlying structure of the cottage. For the mushroom, I used crumpled aluminum foil wrapped with masking tape to smooth it over.

I used these styrofoam sheets to create the form of the gnome house.

I used these styrofoam sheets to create the form of the gnome house.

IMG_8786 IMG_8791 IMG_8794 IMG_8798

After building the little house, I covered it in papier mache paste, using a product called “Fast Mache” as I’m inexperienced at using the stuff, and I wanted to make this step as simple and foolproof as possible. While the mix was a little expensive at around $21, it contained enough product for a lot of papier mache and was incredibly easy and pleasant to work with. I used a butter knife to create details (particularly grass in front and the thick roof) and smooth over surfaces, such as the front and back of the house. Now I just have to wait a couple of days for it to dry, and then comes the fun part . . . painting!

A frame house, crafts, papier mache

The papier-mache step is finished!


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